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Some bands have only male members in them, like the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Moody Blues, the Byrds, and countless others. Still other bands have only female members, like Diana Ross and the Supremes, Tegan and Sara, and many others. But there’s a third category of band that contains both female and male artists. And you’ll find the best of those male/female bands right here on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog! Artists like the White Stripes and the Pretenders have had some of the most famous songs of all time! And there’s just something about the dynamic that both genders bring to a song. We’ve even employed it here on the music blog! Masters of the Universe (the band that featured all of the Laptop Sessions blog members back in the late 2000s) featured a female member. Believe it or not, her presence actually brought people out to the shows! Other women liked seeing a band that had a girl in it. Plus, her naturally higher singing register made live performances so much easier on the rest of the guys. And, yes, having a women’s perspective on things definitely created some interesting variety. And I’m talking musical variety- not just fashion-sense! Today, bands that feature both men and women together are still going strong. Take the laid-back musical stylings of She & Him, featuring the incredible Zooey Deschanel, has been more popular than ever. The combination of a man playing the instruments and a women singing has been a great formula that they have leaned-on for years. So, now go check out the various cover songs we have of bands that have both men and women in them- you’ll be glad you did! Just click on your favorite band to get started- you’re sure to find some interesting performances that might inspire you to form a mixed-gender band of your own!

Cover songs are home here on, where you'll find cover songs from over 100 of the greatest rock, folk, and soul bands from the past 60 years. Click on each of the band's photos to visit their category page on the best music video blog on the internet: The Laptop Sessions! The members of the Laptop Sessions, Jim Fusco, Chris Moore, Jeff Copperthite, and Mike Fusco, have recorded over 400 acoustic cover songs music videos and keep a daily blog of their music videos, music reviews, and daily rantings. So, click on your favorite band and get ready to experience some great cover songs music videos!

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