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The 1980s (hereafter referred to as the Eighties or the 80s)- you either love them or you hate them. The songwriters and musicians of the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog were all born in the 80s, so there’s a certain bias here. But, honestly, if you just listen to the music, there’s not a whole lot to love. Sure, there was a resurgence in our old classic 60s artists in the latter part of the decade (like the huge hits from the Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Roger McGuinn, and the Beach Boys), but the decade consisted of an electronic sound that hasn’t exactly worn well. The problem isn’t necessarily the use of electronic instruments, as many popular songs today use them, as well. The issue is the technology- it just wasn’t up to par, so the sounds are very fake and processed-sounding. So, even though they may have made some interesting “new” sounds for the time, they just sound like they were played on cheap plastic keyboards now! There were some artists coming out with great rock songs during the 1980s. Bruce Springsteen’s music has worn well, as his hit “Dancing In the Dark” is still a mainstay on rock radio stations. Huey Lewis and the News also perfected the 80s sound, like in their hit, “Heart and Soul”. And then you had great songwriters and musicians like Tom Petty, who largely ignored the electronica sound of the decade and played straight-up rock’n’roll music with his band, The Heartbreakers. Petty’s album, “Full Moon Fever”, from the mid-80s was one of the most popular albums of the decade and the many hits from that album (like “Free Fallin’” and “Won’t Back Down”) are heard over and over again so many years later. So, don’t just write the whole decade of the eighties off- click on an artist above to hear some great acoustic cover versions for yourself!

Cover songs are home here on, where you'll find cover songs from over 100 of the greatest rock, folk, and soul bands from the past 60 years. Click on each of the band's photos to visit their category page on the best music video blog on the internet: The Laptop Sessions! The members of the Laptop Sessions, Jim Fusco, Chris Moore, Jeff Copperthite, and Mike Fusco, have recorded over 400 acoustic cover songs music videos and keep a daily blog of their music videos, music reviews, and daily rantings. So, click on your favorite band and get ready to experience some great cover songs music videos!

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