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Sometimes, its takes a man to, well, play music originally written and recorded by men! And if you're looking for male artists that have made music over the past 100 years, we've probably got him covered on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog! The acoustic songs you'll hear from the members of the music blog are specially chosen because of their broad appeal, but also because of an inherent want to bring some of the best lesser-known rock music to the world. We've even brought many songs out of obscurity that may have been hits in the past, but are now long-forgotten. In fact, we find that those cover song videos tend to get the most attention! At, we feature almost every popular male artist we could think of, but of course, we're always up for suggestions! When you find a similar musician here on the site, click on it to go to the music blog's page. Then click on the Contact Us button to get in touch with us and suggest another male musician you'd like us to cover and add to the blog! With so many popular rock songs from decades of charts (mostly the Billboard Hot 100), it will take a couple of lifetimes to record cover song versions of them all! Now, we're not saying that male musicians, vocalists, and songwriters are better- by no means! We just want to make sure you have all of the options available for finding your favorite musicians, bands, and songs on the Laptop Sessions blog. So start searching around this page for an artist you'd like to read about in one of our extensive music blog posts and then be prepared to watch and listen to a great cover song video! And make sure to check back often for more male artists that we'll be adding constantly to this site!

Cover songs are home here on, where you'll find cover songs from over 100 of the greatest rock, folk, and soul bands from the past 60 years. Click on each of the band's photos to visit their category page on the best music video blog on the internet: The Laptop Sessions! The members of the Laptop Sessions, Jim Fusco, Chris Moore, Jeff Copperthite, and Mike Fusco, have recorded over 400 acoustic cover songs music videos and keep a daily blog of their music videos, music reviews, and daily rantings. So, click on your favorite band and get ready to experience some great cover songs music videos!

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