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The 1990s were a transition decade for rock music. Yes, you can refer to that decade as the Nineties or the 90s, but I guess we could technically be talking about the 1890s, couldn’t we? That said, let’s just talk about the decade the Laptop Sessions songwriters came of age. The nineties featured some interested standard rock music from the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish and Tom Petty. But, it also featured a heavy punk influence (from bands like Nirvana) and even some remnants of the 80s in pop songs from earlier in the decade. Pop music “evolved” (if you can call it that) from Madonna to Britney Spears, though many pop artists still hung around, like Whitney Houston and even Cher! Of course, you still had some bands playing more retro-sounding music like Fountains of Wayne. But, then there were some bands that put a newer, more “alternative” spin on classic rock music, like The Wallflowers, Barenaked Ladies, and Counting Crows. The Barenaked Ladies (or BNL) were extremely successful in the 90s and their influences included the Beach Boys and the Beatles. So, the older music certainly wasn’t dead! Paul McCartney even had a big album, “Flaming Pie”, out in 1997. And we can’t forget some famous punk bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. Their sound was a bit more polished than the sounds we were hearing in the eighties. While that cleaner sound irritated some of grunge’s most fervent fans, it also made the music more mainstream and brought the genre to the top of the Billboard charts on a consistent basis. So, I guess you have a give and take when it comes to music. Most music is like that anyway- we get a raw version of a new genre in the early days, then when it gets more popular, it gets “cleaner”. Most of the time, it gets SO clean that it becomes almost unlistenable. Then a new genre comes around. This happened with rock’n’roll (eventually got too sappy), country rock (which just became “country” after a while), disco (the early stuff ain’t all that bad! Listen to “Nights on Broadway” by the Bee Gees), and then punk/grunge. With all that said, it’s now time to choose your favorite band from the 1990s and start listening to some great acoustic cover song music videos from the Laptop Sessions music blog!

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